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Buy Biosira Sustanon Sustatex as an anabolic steroid

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 Testosterone Mix Dosage: All 5 Take 1ml

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Buy Biosira Sustanon as Sustatex 3000mg 10ml in the anabolstore. Sustanon Compound is a name for oil-based injectable mixtures of different testosterone compounds. Organon Pharma owns this name. Nowadays, when someone refers to Sustanon, they are essentially talking about a testosterone mix, a mixture of four different testosterone compounds which are usually dosed as follows :

  • 100 mg testosterone decanate
  • 60 mg Testosterone Isocaproate
  • 60 mg Testosteron Phenylpropionate
  • 30 mg Testosterone Propionate


Biosira Sustanon Sustatex 300mg 10ml Testosteron Mix umfasst vier wesentliche Arten von Testosteron, which are in a mixture. Phenylpropionate and propionate have small esters with short half-lives. Therefore they take effect quickly and provide within 24 Hours of an adequate testosterone boost. On the other hand, decanoate has a comparatively longer half-life, which is why the release of this testosterone is slower. The half-life of isocaproate is exactly in the middle, and the same can be said about testosterone release.

The benefit behind mixing all of these large and small testosterone esters is to balance the testosterone release in the body and provide more stability with immediate and long-term effects.


The Biosira Sustanon Sustatex as Testosterone Mix can easily be described as one of the most well-known types of exogenous testosterone. The actual use of Sustanon is testosterone replacement therapy to bring a person to a normal level to level of testosterone. A testosterone mix from Steroids Biosira can make a man with libido or growth problems feel healthy and normal again. Its purpose, to help men who suffer from low testosterone levels.

However, testosterone mix Biosira Sustanon Sustatex 300mg 10ml huge popularity among the abuse of bodybuilders won because of its positive ability, to help them, build muscle mass and stay in anabolischem state. We want to announce that a Testostero mix Sustanon as Omnadren is not intended for girls unless they want to grow a beard!


By a Biosira Sustanon Sustatex, they will notice a radical increase in testosterone levels in your body once you’ve taken Biosira steroid. Testosterone levels slowly decrease over 20 days. The main benefit of testosterone mixing is that you only need to consume it every three weeks if you are using it for testosterone replacement therapy.


Wenn Sie Biosira Sustanon Sustatex 300mg 10ml alleine verwenden, without combining other anabolic steroids, you can gain near weight 4 – 8 KG per steroid regimen. However, 50% of this weight gain will be because of water retention.

Biosira Sustanon Sustatex 300mg steigert den Stoffwechsel und erhöht die Proteinsynthese im Körper, so that it can normally be used for muscle building with low fat deposits. However, if you’re only using it for Muscle building use, the effect results can be quite mild compared to other anabolic steroids. The reason why testosterone mixes are often stacked with substances like methandienone. Another advantage, warum Bodybuilder Testosteron Compound Genesis während verschiedener Steroid Kuren verwenden, is due to the positive effects, which are associated with increased testosterone levels, for example, wenn der Körper im anabolen Zustand bleibt und sich schneller erholt nach einem harten Training.


Bodybuilders even increase their Testosterone Mix Biosira Sustanon Sustatex 300mg dose to 1000 mg per week during the bulking phase, but this proves to be of no help in most cases and often causes side effects. Amateur athletes take a relatively low dose of 250 mg per week, only for the additional benefits, to feel quicker recovery and a general feel-good factor.

  1. If used to increase testosterone levels, the recommended dose is 250 mg every 20 days.
  2. For bulk gain, use 100 mg to 500 mg every 7 to 10 days
  3. If you use it for mass gain and stack it with additional steroids like Metandienone, you can take 250 mg per week

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